Which is the best browser for me?

There are lots of different internet browsers out there, but clients are always asking us which is the best and why? For this reason, we decided to test out the 5 biggest internet browsers on a test PC to compare how they measured up to each other.

For the record, the test PC is an Intel Core-2 T5500 laptop with 4GB RAM running Windows 7 HP (64bit)

The 5 browsers are: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Here are our thoughts on them.

1. Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is feature packed and very flexible. Good features include the easy to use content filter which allows parents to set up restrictions on what their children can access. Security features are fairly good too, with pop-up blockers and anti-phishing and anti-spyware features. Speed is pretty good, not as fast as Chrome, but definitely quicker than Firefox in the sites we visited.

2 Google Chrome

Chrome is the fastest browser of the 5, considerably faster than the others for many websites we tested including youtube and facebook. That alone might make it the one to go for in the eyes on many. Unlike Internet Explorer, it doesn’t have built in parental controls or content filtering which is really one of only a few features it lacks compared to Internet Explorer. Security features are excellent, and it is extremely easy to use.

3 Opera

We know a few people who swear by Opera. It is undoubtedly a browser that innovates and evolves which makes it the browser of choice with many a nerd and geek. The mouse gestures feature, which works a bit like keyboard shortcuts only with moving the mouse in a certain way seemed like a really clever idea. Sadly, during our testing we found quite a few compatibility problems between Opera and some websites that meant they didn’t display properly. Also, Opera took longer than Chrome or Internet Explorer to open most pages.

4 Mozilla Firefox

The funny thing about Firefox is that most people we know who use it do so because it is fast. The reason that’s funny is because of the 5 browsers we tried, Firefox was regularly the slowest in terms of navigation speed. On the plus side, Firefox is extremely sleek and easy to use, and it’s security features are the best of all of the browsers, in our opinion at least. For safe browsing, Mozilla is probably the best of the 5 we tested.

5 Apple Safari

Like many Apple products, Safari is well designed and easy to use. It’s speed is very similar to Internet Explorer, and it has some very good security features too. The only real disappointment about Safari is that it is fairly rigid and lacks a lot of customisation features.


Here is how we rated the 5 browsers.

Each has one particular strength over the others.

Fastest: Google Chrome.

Most secure: Mozilla Firefox.

Easiest to Use: Apple Safari.

Best features: Internet Explorer.

Most innovative: Opera.

But overall, which would we recommend the average user should use? Our answer: Google Chrome, with Internet Explorer second and Mozilla Firefox third best. For home computers, the parental controls features of Internet Explorer might make it leapfrog Chrome in terms of being the best browser for family computers.

Hope you found this informative. Thanks for reading.

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